• Rowatinex Capsule
    (The natural medical solution for Renal Stone)
    Rowatinex is for the treatement and relief of renal and urinary tract disorders. It provides a natural medical solution that dissolves both the stones and the pain...
  • Rowachol Capsule
    (The natural medical solution for Gall Stone)
    Rowachol provides a natrual medical solution to reduce and eliminate biliary system problems. Rowachol ensures that cholesterol secretion to the bile is reduced, maintaining a healthy flow of bile in which stones cannot reside and it has the long lasting effect of increasing the secretion of bile.
  • Rowatanal Cream
    For the treatment of haemorrhoids and proctitis (anal irritation)
    Rowatanal Cream is available in a 26 g tube. Rowatanal Cram has Antiseptic and astringent (Cleansing) properties. It relieves the intense itching and burning sensation associated with haemorrhoids.
  • Carbosan Gel
    (For the treatment of lip sores and mouth ulcers)
    A number of clinical studies have established the therapeutic efficacy of topically applied Carbenoxolone Sodium in the form of gels, creams or mouthwashes in the treatment of lip and cold sores, mouth ulcers or other apthae changes in the oral mucous membranes.
  • Urocetra-K Tablet
    (The natural medical solution for Gall Stone)
    UROCITRA®, by urine alkalization action with citraturic urine dissolves the calcium stones, uric acid stones and cystine stones, and inhibits their recurrence.
  • Kefentech Plaster
    (The natural medical solution for Gall Stone)
    Kefentech the sophisticated therapeutics for arthritis was developed By JEIL Pharmaceutical CO., LTD. in Korea and marketed by WooShin Medics, Co. to outside Korea. In Myanmar, Hnin Shwe Taung Co., ltd distribute as authorized distributor.
  • Eluzer
    (Pemetrexed Disodium 500 mg for Injection)
    Sterile lyophilized powder for intravenous infusion available in single-dose vials. Each vial contains 500mg of Pemetrexed Disodium and 500mg of Mannitol.
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hst3Treated with Rowachol



hst3A striking mode of action

Reduces hepatic cholesterol formation by inhibiting HMG CoA Reductase



hst3In hepatic and biliary complaints prophylaxis is as important as treatment

  • Increases bile secretion
  • Reduces hepatic cholesterol formation by inhibiting HMG CoA Reductase
  • Prevents calculus formation
  • Corrects gall bladder dyskinesia
  • Stimulates pancreatic secretion


hst3Prescribing information


Liquid: In 100g : Pinene (α+β) 17g, Camphene 5g, Cineol 2g, Menthone 6g, Menthol 32g, Borneol 5g, Olive Oil 33g.

Capsules: Each capsule contains 100mg Rowachol Liquid.



HEPATO-BILIARY COMPLAINTS INCLUDING: Cholelithiasis/ Cholecystitis/ Biliary Spasm/ Bile Duct Dyskinesia/ Cholangitis/ Inflammatory Hepatic Conditions/ Dyspepsia of Biliary Origin/ Also recommended in pre-operative and post-operative treatment of the hepatic and biliary systems and to prevent recurrence of calculi.




ADULTS: Unless otherwise directed by the physician, the usual dose is 1-2 capsules three times daily before meals. In case of colic 2-3 capsules four to five times daily.

CHILDREN 6-14 YEARS: The usual dose is 1 capsule twice daily before meals.

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