• Rowatinex Capsule
    (The natural medical solution for Renal Stone)
    Rowatinex is for the treatement and relief of renal and urinary tract disorders. It provides a natural medical solution that dissolves both the stones and the pain...
  • Rowachol Capsule
    (The natural medical solution for Gall Stone)
    Rowachol provides a natrual medical solution to reduce and eliminate biliary system problems. Rowachol ensures that cholesterol secretion to the bile is reduced, maintaining a healthy flow of bile in which stones cannot reside and it has the long lasting effect of increasing the secretion of bile.
  • Rowatanal Cream
    For the treatment of haemorrhoids and proctitis (anal irritation)
    Rowatanal Cream is available in a 26 g tube. Rowatanal Cram has Antiseptic and astringent (Cleansing) properties. It relieves the intense itching and burning sensation associated with haemorrhoids.
  • Carbosan Gel
    (For the treatment of lip sores and mouth ulcers)
    A number of clinical studies have established the therapeutic efficacy of topically applied Carbenoxolone Sodium in the form of gels, creams or mouthwashes in the treatment of lip and cold sores, mouth ulcers or other apthae changes in the oral mucous membranes.
  • Urocitra-K Tablet
    UROCITRA®, by urine alkalization action with citraturic urine dissolves the calcium stones, uric acid stones and cystine stones, and inhibits their recurrence.
  • Kefentech Plaster
    Kefentech the sophisticated therapeutics for arthritis was developed By JEIL Pharmaceutical CO., LTD. in Korea and marketed by WooShin Medics, Co. to outside Korea. In Myanmar, Hnin Shwe Taung Co., ltd distribute as authorized distributor.
    (Pemetrexed 500 mg for Injection)
    Sterile lyophilized powder for intravenous infusion available in single-dose vials. Each vial contains 500mg of Pemetrexed Disodium and 500mg of Mannitol.
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To Understand Piles (Haemorrhoids)


Based on surveys carried out to date, it is estimated that approx 45% of the worldwide population suffer from piles (haemorrhoids) at some stage in life. The incidence is possibly much higher – mainly due to the fact that people are not aware of the sympthoms or are too embarrassed or shy to seek treatment.


hst3What Are Piles?

There are two types of piles – external and internal.


hst3External Piles

These are small, round, purplish, skin-covered masses which become more prominent when straining at bowel movement.


hst3Internal Piles

These are multiple, soft, purple, irregular in shape and covered by a thin layer of mucous membrane.


hst3What Causes Piles?

Piles are swollen varicose vein of the anus. Many people for different reasons, develop piles.
The main causes are:-

- Constipation – results in strained bowel movement.

- Pregnancy – pressure from unborn child – straining at childbirth can be contributory factors.

- Diet – lack of fibre.

- Incorrect sitting positions.

- Confinement to bed.


hst3Symptoms and Signs

- Intense Pain.

- Bleeding or discharge around anal area

- Itching and leakage of mucus from the anus

- Sense of fullness at the anus



Small piles which are uncomplicated or cause only slight bleeding at infrequent intervals do not require any treatment beyond efforts to correct the underlying cause. Internal piles which appear during pregnancy usually disappear after delivery.

If symptoms persist for a period of time or worsen i.e. bleeding you should consult your doctor. Confidential/professional advice may also be obtained from your local pharmacist who will prescribe the most suitable treatment of you.

Rowatanal Cream, for the treatment of piles has antiseptic, astringent, and emollient properties. Within a few minutes of application, it relieves the intense itching and burning sensation associated with piles.

For internal piles use the cannula nozzle prvided.

You should avoid trauma when cleansing the anal area after bowel movement by patting rather than rubbing the area with soft, slightly dampened toilet tissue.


hst3How Piles Can Be Prevented From Recurring

hst3Suitable Diet

- Foods containing a high fibre content, wholemeal bread, bran, fresh fruits and vegetables should be taken regularly.

- Reduce salt intake.

- Regular bowel habits.

- Drink plenty of fluids



- Avoid tight underwear – also nylon garments – cottons is more preferable as material has absorbent properties.

- Always ensure good anal hygiene.

- Avoid straining during bowel evacuation.


hst3Regular Exercises

- This is essential to keep the body in good working order.

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