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Carbosan Gel


Carbosan gel contains Carbenoxolone Sodium B.P. 2% w/w


carbosanhst3Mode of Action

Carbenoxolone Sodium is a derivative of enoxolone. It possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-diuretic properties and has been shown in clinical trials to have excellent healing properties, providing rapid relief of pain and curtailing development of lesions.

The Biological and Pharmacological properties associated with Carbenoxolone Sodium which justify the proposed therapeutic use of CARBOSAN are: -



- The proven ability of Carbenoxolone Sodium over many years of clinical use to promote the healing of gastric,
  duodenal and mouth ulcers.

- Carbenoxolone Sodium when applied to gastric mucosa has been shown to acts by strengthening the
  epithelial mucosa, a barrier which provides the first and second line of defence against injury.

- Carbenoxolone Sodium has anti-inflammatory properties.

- Carbenoxolone Sodium increase mucosal blood flow and the local cytoprotective prostaglandins.

- Carbenoxolone Sodium and related compounds have been shown to have anti-viral activity against a wide
  spectrum of viruses including herpes and adenovirus. Recently interest has heightened in the growing
  evidence linking ulceration and viral infection.


hst3Clinical Results

cdc_cold_sore_closeup_lipsA number of clinical studies have established the therapeutic efficacy of topically applied Carbenoxolone Sodium in the form of gels, creams or mouthwashes in the treatment of lip and cold sores, mouth ulcers or other apthae changes in the oral mucous membranes. In a high percentage of patients, pain was reduced, and the lesions healed more quickly

There was reduction in the average number of ulcers or lesions per day, the development of new ulcers and the number of lesion free days. Carbenoxolone Sodium appeared to be of value where there was recurrent infection.

Niebauer, found CARBOSAN gel to be a valuable addition to the therapy of recurrent herpes simplex infections and in recurrent apthae changes in the oral mucous membranes giving excellent clinical response in 93% of the patients treated.

Poswillo, used Carbenoxolone Sodium in mouthwash from and found it to be remarkably effective against acute herpetic stomatitis and recurrent herpes febrilis, conditions which do not respond quickly and completely to large range of topical anti-viral agents.

Poswillo, using Carbenoxolone Sodium mouthwash in a double blind cross-over trial found that treatment reduced the average number of ulcers per day, the number of new ulcers developing and discomfort and pain associated with lesions

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